The Kolyma Network serves many people, and it has many purposes. In general, KolymaNET believes in freedom of speech, and we try to avoid censorship where possible. With this in mind, we have created a policy that protects the safety of the users of KolymaNET, whilst ensuring that their privilege of speaking freely is not trampled.

However, there are still restrictions on what can be said and done on KolymaNET, and to avoid repercussion, it is important that you read and understand these rules.

Global Policy

  1. Do not post sexually exploitive material of children - This includes, but is not limited to: child pornography, "jailbait", and "child modeling".
  2. Do not evade or bypass filters or blocks Attempting to evade a filter or block which is set to prevent the action from taking place is against our policy.
  3. Do not promote terrorism or violence Promoting violence against individuals or groups is forbidden. Do not advertise for terrorist organizations, do not encourage or celebrate terrorist activity.
  4. Do not upload malware or computer viruses to our servers, or attempt to spread other malicious software
  5. Do not conduct cybercrime, such as DDoS or Phishing, do not sell these services or utilize our services to conduct them.
  6. Do not spread animal abuse material, including "crush" content or videos which feature the abuse or mistreatment of animals.

Special Notice from Network Security Service

"Loli" or "Lolicon", is defined as fictional depictions, drawn or simulated, of underage or "young-looking" persons. This content is no longer forbidden as of May 20th, 2017. It does not fall under our rule again CSAM, since it does not depict real persons, and can therefor not have an "age", or be under 18 years old.

In-House Guidelines

NOTICE! These rules do not apply and are not enforced on customers websites, VPS's, rental servers, or other products, and only apply to KolymaNET-run sites or services.

There are rules and policies which apply to KolymaNET only (such as the KolymaNET IRC server).

  1. Doxxing - It is generally against our guidelines to Doxx people.
  2. Promotion of extremist ideologies, this includes Nazism/Fascism, Communism, or other harmful ideologies.
  3. Advocacy of criminal acts, it is especially forbidden to post "crime-announcements", or other encouragement of criminal activity. It is forbidden to promote harm to other individuals, or to promote murder or suicide, or to encourage others to commit murder or suicide.
  4. Promotion of LGBT/Beastiality/Pedophilia is forbidden.

Reporting Content

We rely partly on the community to report content that breaks the rules so that it can be deleted, if you see content that violates the rules, report it on our report page.

  1. Do not submit false or misclassified reports.
  2. Your IP address WILL be recorded in the report. You may optionally include your email.
  3. Repeated misuse of the report function will result in you being restricted from using it.
  4. There is no reward for reporting content.